Thiksey Monastery, Leh

During one’s visit to Leh, it would be very evident that the itinerary features couple of the many famous monasteries dotting the landscape. Due to a good presence of the Buddhist community dating a loong time back, the monasteries are a must visit if you are in Leh, Ladakh. Thiksey Monastery is one of such monasteries located about 19 kms from the Leh city. It dates all the way back to the 15th century.

Located at 3,600 meters in the Indus valley, it is a 12-storey monastery and houses many items of Buddhist art such as Stupas, statues, thangkas, wall paintings and swords. A 15 meter high statue of Maitreya also dots the scenery of this monastery.

Thiksey Monastery’s 12 storey building.. image courtesy:
Can just keep staring at this for hours..
Simply marvelous – snow peaks in the background
Panaromic view just seem to be enough to cover this amazzing landscape !!


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