Trail: Catch me if you can


A Jet leaving a trail in the morning blue skies…

A different perspective….

Trail: another perspective


4 thoughts on “Trail: Catch me if you can

  1. As a kid, I would always look up in the sky trying to trace the path a jet plane would leave in the air. Never have I seen such a long, continuous trail. You captured it so nicely and the background setting is perfect, though I wish I could see more of that green hill. 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot, Yup even I hadnt seen a long tail like this before.. Even I wished I had more of that hill in here (actually I have it and is obstructed by a house roof and so had to crop it off) Let me see if I can re-edit the same pic… I will post it in this same blog post if it turns out good…


      1. Yup, I definitely like the second one – the way it plays with the colors… Just brings out a different feel to it and makes the surroundings look more lively. I don’t know if you experimented with the brightness/contrast but I really like this second view of it. You can feel the sun shining on the hill. Very pretty! 🙂


      2. Yea.. the second one came out really well.. I liked it too.. I did play around with brightness and contrast in the post production process.. out of which i liked these the best.. Thanks for your inputs.. learning a lot in the process 🙂


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